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Spoken word by Peter Piper by Brendan Dennis

Peter Piper picked a Politician. 
Peter Piper picked a pickled Politician. 
Peter Piper picked a proper pickled Politician
Proclaiming proclamations for the people was his mission, 
But the pickled Politician, out of Peter Piper's vision,
Had a peck of Paper Makers puppeteering the decisions. 

While the pickled Politician promised people pretty things
The peppered Paper Makers were pulling all the strings
To ensure the populations separation into classes,
And the Politician's lips were puckered to the Paper Makers' asses.
So the Politicians couldn't help their people
Unless it helped their peppered puppet masters. 

And the peppered Paper Makers we indifferent to disasters: 
Some of the peppered Paper Makers liked to pump their plastic gas pollution.
In the people was a push toward a permanent solution,
Perpetual protests by the public but still in the conclusion
The peppered Paper Makers wouldn't give a resolution. 

And the peppered Paper Makers controlled all the public's news. 
And they portrayed the Politicians to persuade the viewer's views.
They'd print and publish stories that would make the people lock their doors.
But you never heard about the Paper Makers breaking laws,
As they push opinions of the public toward their puppet Politician's cause
Just to try to justify their peppered paper making wars. 
They liked the way they could perpetuate the gap between 
The peppered rich and the pickled poor. 

About the Politicians Peter Piper knew the truth,
But come election time they stuck Peter Piper in a booth

Peter Piper picked a Politician. 
Peter Piper picked a pickled Politician.
Peter Piper picked a proper pickled plastic pissing, ass kissing,
Peppered paper making, propaganda printing, pollution sprinkling
Pickled Politician. 

He didn't pick the Politician for any of his words;
But because he was the prettiest of the Politician Turds. 

Brendan Dennis.


Two Weeks By Spoken Word Artist Christian J. Collier

A Black boy is dead again

from a police officer’s actions,

the gun in his hand firing

over & over & over,

the bullets, this time, breaking into Mike Brown’s body.


A Black boy is dead again,

his lifeless body left in the street uncovered

until a white sheet was finally draped over the damage.

By then, a puddle of blood had already

reached out onto the concrete & stained the street

refusing to be hidden or obscured.


A Black boy is dead again

&, right now, more than $235,000 have been raised

for the man who killed him.

Some of those who’ve contributed

have called the slain child evil, trash, a feral ape & so on.


After witnessing such staunch prejudice & disdain for being

stand before the chestnut rounds in my eyes,

& after more than a week occupied by

snipers at the ready in peaceful gatherings,

journalists arrested & freed without reason,

& tear gas, flash grenades & rubber bullets flooding the Missouri night,

it is hard to believe that the same God

who breathed life inside me

& gave me the brown hue I have

also did the same for those afraid

of the presence & protest of mostly Black bodies in Ferguson,

the same ones who are threatened by their journey towards justice,

the same ones who cannot bring themselves to see

that there is but one nation before us,

one America that all of us must share. 



Christian J. Collier is an accomplished artist and educator who founded The Speakeasy open-mic and MANIFEST arts series. He has shared the stage with several members of HBO’s Def Poetry cast, legendary poet and activist Ishmael Reed, and has twice been featured on the IndieFeed Performance Poetry Channel, which prides itself on featuring the best spoken word artists working today. Some of his works have been published in such publications as Oysters & Chocolate, DEBACLE, The New Writer, and The Origami Poetry Project to name a few, and his 2009 chapbook Ghosts & Echoes has sold over 600 copies independently solely off the strength of readings and live performances.
In October of 2013, Collier released his debut EP Between Beauty & Bedlam, which he wrote and produced himself. The record fuses spoken word poetry and an eclectic mix of musical genres including hip-hop and ambient. It is available now at CD Baby, Bandcamp, at live performances, and from Christian directly.