Jinz Moss On Transitioning Into His Own Style

Jinz Moss Time.jpg

You may have heard of Jinz Moss before, he’s from a dope NZ hip hop outfit dubbed Raw Collective. The rapper who is known to use his satirical manner into his rhymes is getting out into his own shell and creating a lane entirely of his own. His latest single ‘Time’ showcases just this, his cheeky humour mixed with undeniable lyrical content is what sets him above the rest.

We sit down with Jinz to talk about what it’s like transitioning into NZ, what working in a band taught him and why they got away with so much because of a muppet on their latest video.

You have a very tongue-in-cheek style how did that come about?

I think that style is sort of diluted horror core mixed with a satirical social commentary, I used to do that horror core rap but going 100 on that isn't really me, I guess this is me settling in a bit more now. 

Coming from Raw Collective, how has that transformed you as an artist? 

Working with Raw Collective has taught me loads about song structure and also live performance, Raw Co really have both of those down pat. Also being a bit more flexible on stage in respect to last minute changes or “fu** ups,” learning how to vamp etc. 

You now reside in NZ, what do you do there that you never did in the UK? 

I have a girlfriend here so that's something I never did at home. That and bush walks. 

Tell us what it was like filming the new video 'Time' in Amsterdam bar? 

The video was mental. I got off a 35 hour commute straight in to a 12 hour video shoot, finished the first day of shooting, couldn't sleep so stayed up and shot the following day for a further 10 hours then finally conked out that evening. It was really an experience I learned so much. Shout-out to the crew. Legends. 

So you have to tell us where the muppet came from? 

The muppet concept was drawn up by the film crew, perfect man. We got away with so much because of those muppets. 

You're also going on tour, tell us about that 

The ‘Run with the wolves’ Tour is going to be crazy the whole label hitting two countries. I know we are all bringing our ‘A Game’ it’s going to be sick. 

What stimulates your soul? 

Good Food, music, my girl 

To catch him on tour, on the following dates.



22/03.2019 // Shark Bar // Gold Coast  

23/03/2019 // Backroom // Brisbane

29/03/2019 // The Grace Darling // Melbourne 

30/03/2019 // Factory Floor // Sydney


5/04/2019 // Meow // Wellington // NZ

6/04/2019 // Whammy Bar // Auckland // NZ