From Dark To Light, and Interview with Rapper Mack Fyah

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Pushing the edge of hip hop with funky fusions, Sydney MC Mack Fyah’s music digs deeper than that. His latest single ‘Voodoo’ shows us the dark side of the emerging artist, rapping about the dark corners of love with a very hypnotic music clip featuring fellow Sydney rapper Nardean. 

We sit down with Mack to chat about his inspirations, his belief in dimensions and his new upcoming projects. 

Your style seems is very alternative hip hop firstly how do you describe your style?

My style is "sock it to me" music. It’s the boogie. You don’t know where it sits but it sits right.

Where did you gather your inspiration?

The funk is in me and its got to get out. It's about expression. Everyday is an inspiration, and it helps to surround yourself with groovy people doing groovy things. 

You just released a new single called ‘Voodoo,’ what is it about?

‘Voodoo’ is a journey through the dark corners of love. It’s about the ecstasy and the agony. We are the shadows and the light, ‘Voodoo’ is what that feels like.

Do you believe in magic and the supernatural?

I believe there are dimensions we can feel but we can’t see. There are powers in these dimensions that affect us, but we don’t know exactly why or how. ‘Magic' or ‘supernatural’ is just our way of rationalising these feelings. When that funk kicks, you can call it magic or you can just ride the wave.

You have Nardean in your video, how did you two link up?

Yeh Nards is a really cool artist from Sydney too, you can see her featuring in the clip. We've known each other for a while, I think we originally linked up through Fermi actually, who runs Mad Picnic Productions.

What other rappers in Australia do you dig?

I’ve definitely been vibing that Westcoast jam by Elijah Yo , Pistol Pete, Enzo n Biggs, they doing some cool things out in Ctown. B-Wise holds it down for Sydney in a big way too.

Are you working on other projects?

Yeah we've got an EP bubbling away that'll probably be out early next year, stay tuned for updates on that. Also some dates outside of Sydney to be confirmed real soon as well, don’t sleep. 

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