Top 5 Feminist/Rappers That Queens MC Mocha Bands Loves


Queens, NY-based rapper and star of Netflix's 'The Get Down and Fox's STAR,' Mocha Bands grew up admiring so many different artists. When she decided that she wanted to be a lyricist, her biggest fear was that no one would take her seriously because she was female. We invited Mocha Bands to write a guest post about who her favourite feminist/rappers were and why. 

It wasn’t much later that I was introduced to so many talented female lyricists that motivated and inspired me to pursue my musical career.  Talented women in Hip Hop such as, Lauryn Hill, Queen Latifah, Foxy Brown, Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj have all influenced me as an individual and as an artist.  Although they are all so different in their own way, they are all incredible women whose style and skill have changed the game.

Lauryn Hill

Lauryn Hill was the first female rapper I was introduced to.  I was introduced to her music at a very early age, so a lot of the things she would say would go right over my head being that I was so young.  Even then, I was mesmerized by her ability to play with words and melodies.  I’ve always admired her as a rapper but hearing her sing, till this day completely blows me away!  I always tried to hit those high notes, but never could.  Above all, Lauryn Hill taught me to love my natural hair, brown skin and to free my creative mind regardless of who didn’t understand me.  I will forever appreciate and love Lauryn Hill for that.

Queen Latifah

Queen Latifah is nothing short of her name!  She is truly a Queen.  She taught me that being a strong women is so much more than talking the talk.  You have to walk the walk too!  Her song “U.N.I.T.Y” was the first song I heard from Queen.  Through her I learned to never tolerate any form of disrespect from any man or anyone for that matter.  As I grew older, I grew into a confident, outgoing young women who doesn’t hesitate to speak her mind and say what’s wrong when no one else will.  Because of Queen Latifah, I know that my mind is so much more powerful and appealing than my body will ever be.  

Foxy Brown/Lil Kim

I started listening to Foxy Brown and Lil Kim around the same time.  Growing up, I was very self-conscious about my body and how small I was.  Seeing how confident Lil Kim was about her body and she was small, made me more confident about my own body.  I felt like I was not alone and felt it was okay to be this size.  I admired how Foxy Brown and Lil Kim were both respected by the males who dominated the rap game.  They both had such strong stage presence and this attitude that says “ I can stomp with the big dogs and I can outdo them too”.  I figured if those two pretty brown skin girls can have some of the best male rappers praising them and their skills, then so can I.

Nicki Minaj

Being a girl from South Side Jamaica Queens, N.Y. and to have someone like Nicki Minaj come from the same neighborhood as me evolve into a megastar, motivates me in so many ways I can’t explain.  Hearing her story and comparing it to mine makes me feel like my dreams can never be too farfetched. I’ve heard her get on songs with some of the biggest artists to enter the rap game and her verse completely blew them out of the water!  I aspire to have that same affect.  I mostly admire that she has found her niche and her sound.  Her ability to play with melody and her voice makes her such a distinct artist.  When I hear her, I hear a Queens N.Y. girl who has stayed the course and grinded her way to success.  Not many artist from NY are supported by their own city which is why I always go the extra mile to support talent from my city.  I love to see Nicki do the same.  All these amazing females in rap have brought their own style, lyrical ability, creativity, and beauty to the world of Hip Hop.  I hope to make my very own mark in Hip Hop as young lyricist.