Breaking Barriers With Conscious French Duo PLDG

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French conscious music duo combining beatboxing, PLDG are a beat-making duo who combine lyricism for a fresh, distinctive sound. PLDG, stands for ‘Pour L'amour Du Groove’ and that’s exactly what they do, they make us groove. They classify their music as the French Urban Bantu Groove genre, which refers to the blending of their Hiphop and African influences.

We sit down with the French dup ahead of their upcoming SYS gig in Brussels, Belgium at Bonnefooi on the 24th April.

How did your music journey begin?

Mystraw : I have always been passionate about music. From an early age, I was a fan of Michael Jackson. I analysed the music that was playing on the radio and amused myself by reproducing it with my mouth. I discovered the human beatbox at age 9, I became more interested in it 10 years after I started to really train for battles.

Alvin : My father used to listen music very loud. I couldn’t escape, so  I guess this is how music got me. I’ve started making beats and write rhymes when I was 15.

Who are you influences?

M: I have a lot of influences, but I would only mention 2: Michael Jackson for the constant search for perfection, the work, then J Dilla for vibe and groove and what he brought to the music.

A : I think my influences are a mix of Marvin Gaye, Busta rhymes and congolese Rumba.

You mix a few genres, how did you find your sound?

A: We try to put who we are in our music, we are french Bantus making groovy music from the streets : French urban Bantu Groove.

W : If the mix of our genres were a cooking recipe, it would include Hip-Hop, RNB, Soul,African Music, Beatmaking Scene and Electro underground, ambient, Chicago footwork juke scene, house scene.

What can we expect from your upcoming SYS gig in Brussels?

New songs, human Beatbox, and crazy dance moves!

If you could work with anyone who would it be?

Noname, Saba, Smino, Sly the mic buddah, Anderson Paak to name a few.

You come from France, any other artists' from there you think we should check out?

James IzCray and YN.

What stimulated your soul?

Vibrations and smoked chicken

Catch them in Brussels, Bonnefooi on the 24th of April, event details are here.

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