5 Things You Didn't Know About Shay D

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Hailing from the UK, rapper Shay D has been one of our personal favourite rappers. Raised on a diet of Garage, Grime and Hip Hop, North London Hip Hop artist Shay D carries a fiery young woman’s persona. Influences of Persian poetry through to 90s rap can be heard in her content and delivery and she’s an authentically underground artist who tells it like it is.

We sit down with Shay D and find out 5 things we didn’t already know about the rapper.

1. I am fully Persian. Both my parents are Iranian & I am fluent in Farsi. I can’t rap in Farsi though, for some reason. I’ve tried and my extent of rhyme goes to Cat & Hat. I am happy I  can speak my mother tongue because I learned a lot about my history & important stories/ lessons through talking with my grandmother who also raised me with my mum that I wouldn't have otherwise.

2. I also curate live shows about women in hip hop & run a monthly event in London called Word on the Street. It celebrates spoken word poetry & Hip Hop. A lot of first timers who have never been on the mic come down to share their lyrics & its a great place to network too!

3. I’m a youth mentor alongside doing music. I run rap & poetry workshops for young people who may have had a tough upbringing or been excluded from mainstream education. I manage a lot of youth projects to motivate & build teenagers confidence through using hip hop.

4. I have a song out with Boy George called Kiss The DJ. Not a lot of people know as I don't usually do House music. But we performed in at Milan Fashion week last year for the Swarovski campaign launch party at Berlusconi’s mansion! 

5. I am obsessed with dogs. I love them & grew up with two boxers but because of my lifestyle at the moment I can’t dedicate time to one. I know literally every breed and am one of those people who stroke & play with peoples dogs in the street. (Laughs).

Margaret Tra