Spreading Positivity With TAME, The Aspiring Me


Hailing from Houston, multi-dimensional artist TAME, The Aspiring Me has been rising to prominence since 2013. Creativity runs through his veins as he orchestrates and continues to use his music as a positive tool to uplift and inspire others. This is evident with his latest offering ‘Geppetto’s Story,’ the single drips with delectable beats and is coupled with energetic lyrical flows making it a wonderful re-introduction to the musical world.

We sit down with TAME and chat about sculpturing, how the single came about and his upcoming album.

You just dropped a new track ‘Geppetto’s Story’, can you tell us about how it all came about?

Mid January this year my friend, Tiko Texa$, was visiting back home and brought Jaekim through the studio. We made a couple of songs and this was one that came from that session

Why the superhero cover art?

I wanted to present a duality within Geppetto. Mostly known for the Pinocchio Story, there is also a character named Geppetto from the comic book Fables; whom is the mastermind behind the storyline. 

You dabble in other artistry, what would the one piece of art that you enjoy doing?

I’ve recently been very interested in sculpture and design and this year, 2019, will be collaborating with Houston based artist Anthony Suber on a project we received a Grant for from the City of Houston and Houston Arts Alliance.

What other projects are you working on?

I am currently locked in on finishing my album and it sounds like it’s going to be done very soon. Afterwards I’ll shift my attention towards my grant project with Anthony.