Love, Music and Opening Barriers, An Interview With Soulstress WAYI

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Belgian soulstress WAYI has been paving her way through the music industry, she’s garnered interest from Elton John in his Rocket Hour show on Beats 1 and from tastemakers across the globe. Her sultry vocals and raw lyrics has cemented her place in the world and she’s proved it with her latest single ‘Temporary’ which opens up about her jealousy in a bittersweet and languid ballad that she’s here to stay. 

WAYI is gearing up to release her EP ‘Love In Progress’ so we sit down with WAYI and chat about how her music is her diary, her favourite love story and using music as therapy. 

You just released Temporary, could you tell us a bit more about it?

I wrote 'Temporary' a year ago. When I saw that my ex-boyfriend was having a serious relationship with someone else, I felt jealous and kind of sad... So I took my guitar and a piece of paper and started writing. It was actually a message to him without telling him upfront what I really felt. While finishing the song I realised that I wasn't about that life, which was 'crying over a guy'. So ’Temporary' really helped me to move on. 

You're also gearing up to release ‘Love in Progress’ EP, what can people expect from the EP?

You can expect variety of sounds that still feel as a whole. Listening to my music would be like listening to me reading out some chapters of my diary: it’s very personal.

Who are your influences?

Many artists. To name a few: Sia, Alicia Keys, Stromae, Beyoncé, Anderson Paak and Khalid… 

You tend to love singing about love, what's your favourite love story?

My favourite love story in a movie is 'Irreplaceable You'. I'm not going to spoil the movie so let me just say that I never used to cry watching movies but this one made me remember to 'never say never’... 

What do you have next in store?

My EP 'Love In Progress' is coming out soon so I'll be in the studio. At the same time, I'll be writing songs and will slowly start performing more often. You can always follow me on Facebook or Instagram if you want to follow my journey and find out what I’m up to! 

Do you find it difficult to sing in English in Belgium, do you sing in other languages?

I've always listened to music in English so it feels more natural. And English is so universal, it doesn't form a barrier. So while I did write songs in French and Dutch in the past, it was more for fun. All the songs on my upcoming EP will indeed be in English. 

What stimulates your soul?

The universe stimulates my soul: How it works in its weird but beautiful way. That's why I love travelling so much! Because I get to see new places, new people...

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