ANE Releases 'Lonely Lovers Fantasy' EP


After an extended hiatus from music, first generation Korean-American r&b/pop-soul artist ANE returns with her new EP, ‘Lonely Lovers Fantasy. ‘

The three-track project departs from the darker, more melancholic tones of ANE's Bitan EP, released just two years ago. 

On the track ANE said, “The older we get, many of us carry around ghosts from our past but I truly believe the heart can regenerate if we set ourselves free from our trauma. I wanted to express this by creating simplistic, beautiful love songs that represent love from a pure, untainted heart. I titled it 'Lonely Lovers Fantasy' because these songs are meant to be relatable and represent the different shades of emotions we all go through as loners, lovers, and lonely lovers.

ANE (an acronym for "A New Era" and pronounced "Ann-nee") represents the evolution of music, fashion and art in the 21st century. She makes music that is subtle, yet heady and equally consuming. Her enchanting mystique shines through her hypnotic songwriting, and her sultry vocals pull you in over the unique blend of synth-pop and r&b/soul.