Bad Honey release feel-good Electro/Soul single 'Time Is Not'

Bad Honey Press Image (Low-Res).jpg

London based duo Bad Honey (fka LVNA) have unveiled feel-good electro/soul single ‘Time Is Not’, taken from their brand new EP, ‘Better In Time’.

'Time Is Not’ was written on the band’s final night on the small Island of Søndre Sandøy in Norway, during the recording sessions at Family Day Recordings. Not initially intended for the EP due to the spontaneity of its creation, ‘it seemed to kind of tie everything together’ so was added at the very last moment.

All the songs on the EP ‘have the theme of time in common and this track sums up how the feeling of time can be manipulated depending on your state of mind.’ Referencing this in the track’s contrasting verses and chorus, Bad Honey deliberately wrote each section ‘as if they were completely separate songs’.

Lydia’s dulcet vocal treads delicately over a bed of piano before erupting into a hard-hitting chorus, infused with thick gospel harmonies. Once again blending their classic soul with a forward-thinking soundscape, ‘Time Is Not’ is yet another bold, pop triumph.

Margaret Tra