Bluestaeb showcases true artistry with versatile new album "Everything Is Always A Process"


Paris based producer Bluestaeb releases long awaited new album 'Everything Is Always a Process.' Out via tastemaker label Jakarta Records.

His third album, 'Everything Is Always A Process' re-iterates Bluestaeb's overall approach to life (and thinking), but also has direct reference to the making of the album itself, which began with moving from Berlin to Paris in 2015 in the search of new influences and a new creative environment.

Jazz & hip-hop pianist Jonathan Aréna became a collaborator in Paris, helping shape the sound and vibe of the new album, which heralded a change from Bluestaeb's bedroom production days to a more mature style of music creation.

Created between 2015 and early 2018, EIAAP embodies the  process of this transition - as well as collaboration with instrumentalists and vocalists from all over the world and recording in different studios in Paris, London & Berlin.