Blush’ko Drops Silky New Single 'Like A Heartbeat'


Melbourne-based Macedonian-born artist Blush’ko (FKA Blasko) has just revealed his new single ‘Like a Heartbeat’ – another smooth and sultry slice lifted from his forthcoming mixtape ‘Blush’ko In Love Pt. 2’.

Produced by long-time collaborator Tentendo, ‘Like a Heartbeat’ is a dreamy melting pot of dance, RnB and down-tempo electronica. The sophisticated track glides along effortlessly with its groove-laden rhythmic section, swirling synths and soul-infused vocals.

Blush’ko describes the motivation behind ‘Like a Heartbeat’:

“This song was the easiest song I have ever written. Tentendo and I were away on a writing camp and I walked into the room he was working in and heard this beat. I immediately started writing and melodies were pouring out of me. I sat on the bed and started writing a concept - the natural summer feel of the song and my general feeling of being in paradise.

At the time, I was seeing somebody who was really special to me, and all I wanted to do was express my gratitude for her presence in my life. I couldn’t believe that she was with someone like me. This song is about growth with a partner, the image that I get in my head is like a dead field of nothingness and then two flowers growing side by side at the same pace. Like a Heartbeat”.

Margaret TraBlush'ko, RNB, Soul