Blush'ko Unveils Brooding New Single 'Desires' and Sophomore Mixtape 'Blush'ko In Love Pt.2'


Melbourne-based Macedonian-born artist Blush’ko has just revealed ‘Blush’ko In Love Pt.2’ – the second and final chapter of his ‘Blush’ko In Love’ mixtape series.

‘Blush’ko In Love Pt.2’ is an eclectic collection of seven soul-infused tracks that combine themes of RnB, dance and down-tempo electronica. From the critically acclaimed ‘Japanese Hotel’ and ‘Like A Heartbeat’ to the latest emotive single ‘Desires’, the record shines a light on Blush’ko’s ability to consistently deliver material that is warmly received by tastemakers and fans alike.   

“Blush’ko in Love Part 2 was about reaching the next level for me. Telling my story in a more in depth with some of my favourite artists and producers,” Says Blush’ko. 

“Every time I write, I like to think conceptually but part two worked in reverse. Starting with Japanese Hotel, which is about me being lost and wanting to be found. Then ending at ‘Like A Heartbeat’ which is about me growing with someone. I wanted it to start dark so people could tell straight away where I was coming from, showing more of myself as a writer with intricate melodies that make more sense with the instrumentals”.