Brownswood Recordings Showcases UK Jazz Scene in new compilation album 'We Out Here'

we out here.jpg

It's no secret that Brownswood Recordings showcase some great talent, but now the label has outdone themselves by compiling an album that brings together UK's underground Jazz scene.

A primer on London’s bright-burning young jazz scene, this new compilation brings together a collection of some of its sharpest talents.

A set of nine newly-recorded tracks, 'We Out Here' captures a moment where genre markers matter less than raw, focused energy.

Surveying the album’s running order, it could easily serve as a name-checking exercise for some of London’s most-tipped and hardworking bands of the past couple of years.

The album was recorded across three long, fruitful days in a North West London studio, the results speak for themselves: they’re a window into the wide-eyed future of London’s musical underground. 

Pre-order the album here.