Producer bryzone_ybp Releases a Soulful EP 'Ascolta'


Hip hop/soul producer bryzone_ybp has released a fresh soulful new EP 'Ascolta'.

The EP a collection of tracks crafted over the past year that aim to showcase a variety of styles and sample inspirations from across the world.

On the single, bryzone said, "I decided to name this EP ‘ascolta’ as I've been learning Italian recently and ascolta is Italian for 'listen.' It's got some lo-fi wavy motown vibes mixed-in with some neck-snapping drums, whilst attempting to keep a soulful sound throughout,"

"Production process wise, I still mainly use maschine, the sp404 and logic to make my beats. I find this combo helps me get my ideas out of my head in the most efficient manner whilst keeping the warm sound that i like in my beats,"

bryzone_ybp is a hiphop & soul producer from Melbourne, Australia. He's a member of the beat making collective Lab Co. & Atlanta based collective Audible Hustle. He has released numerous instrumental projects and collaborative albums with US & Aussie based vocalists.

Key collaborators include J. Malik and Rod McCoy, whilst he is also half of two different duos, Don't Sleep and blk.mgnolia. Through a variety of sample flipping techniques, he keeps his soulful head-nod flavour at the forefront of his sound.