CASA X Flips The Script With His New Trap Step Single ‘Flip Mode’


Hailing from Sydney, hip hop artist CASA X flips the script with his new festival Trap Step banger ‘Flip Mode’ produced by Brown Rice.

The track is an unorthodox concoction of hip hop, trap and dubstep, bringing a refreshing new slant to the latest surge of upcoming talent from Australia.

On the single, CASA said, “This track is about venturing out and stepping away from the ordinary structure and sound of hip hop. That’s why it has no bar structure and was written around the instrumental in order to achieve a sense of improvisation,"

With confident flow and delivery, partnered with captivating lyrics make for a strong combination and a unique sound that stands out from current records. The buttery beats will make it a dance-floor favourite.

‘Flip Mode’ is a standalone single to showcase CASA’s versatility and lead into his upcoming ‘100FACES’ album which is a collaborative effort with Marvelouz Music. The album will divulge more into the modern hip hop spectrum and is slated for release later this year.

CASA cleverly draws on the key elements from his love of hip hop to deliver a well-balanced yet punchy tune without sticking to limitations of genres.

 Over the years he a gained true understanding of the profession and developed an unquenchable thirst for lyrical excellence and humble storytelling - a fleeting quality in an industry peppered with empty cash cows, face tatts and gold chains. CASA seeks to break through his own skin when he writes, lacing his art with double entendres and nostalgic epiphones, whilst playing the role of devil on your shoulder, or deeper, the doubtful and lonely voice echoing in the back of your head.