CLARIYAH BO$$ Drops Hypnotic EP 'Vulnerable'


Clariyah BO$$ shares her long awaited introspective debut EP simply titled ‘Vulnerable.’

‘Vulnerable’ is a coming of age for Clariyah, the culmination of years of hard work and sacrifice, and a chance to start a new chapter in her continually snowballing career. What began as an escape, a form of bedroom music therapy quickly grew into something bigger via the virility of Youtube.

And while the audience rapidly accumulated across the globe, so too did the inevitable music industry false hopes and promises which so often cause artist's to lose both momentum and hope.

Clariyah channels her idols Tupac and Lauryn Hill utilising all 6 tracks to lace her narrative of struggle via sharp flows and clever rhymes. While her technical ability is on display for all to witness on lead single ‘Broken Glass’, her melodic intuition adds another string to her impressive bow, delivering poetic references in a nonchalent Jhene Aiko like manner on ‘Old Me.’