Listen To 6 Minutes Of Bliss On DāM-FunK's 'On Code'

dam funk.jpg

DāM-FunK reveals the lead single to be taken from his forthcoming EP ‘STFU II’. ‘On Code’ is the brand new six minute plus, all instrumental composition produced, played and recorded by DāM-FunK himself. 

Following up 2018’s ‘Architecture II’, STFU II is the new EP by DāM-FunK, self-released on Glydezone, on May 17th. The sequel to 2015’s free EP ‘STFU’, DāM-FunK dives deep into various coloured hues of West-Coast based music and style.

A journey through seven tracks, ‘STFU II’ kicks off with the heavy knock and breezy synths of ‘The Flow’, while ‘Hood Biz’ is a more ominous, street-funk anchored groove. The ‘Inhale, Exhale (Interlude)’ is the equilibrium that opens up the second half of the EP, highlighting DāM’s melodic laid-back funk, as expressed through tracks like ‘Ladera Heights’ and his lead single, ‘On Code’. The soulful side of techno is even touched on in the track ‘Deeper’. In discussing his inspirations for the EP, DāM explains “In this time of colossal distractions, easy trouble online, heavy trolling and cancel culture, this project provides an alternative to instead… just lay back, take a deep breath, stay outta trouble and simply ‘glyde’ for a while. Nothing illegal about that, right?”.