R&B artist David Wayne drops steamy video for 'Show Don't Tell'


New York based contemporary R&B artist David Wayne today released a new video for his latest single 'Show Don’t Tell'.

“Show Don’t Tell” is a multi layered visual highlighting a passion fueled encounter in a dimly lit New York loft between David and his leading lady- wearing ornate lingerie and covered head to toe in tattoos. “Show Don’t Tell” follows the release of David Wayne’s latest  R&B/Trap EP, Baptism that received a great online reception, gaining thousands of plays on David’s Soundcloud, Spotify, Apple Music and Tidal. The video showcases not only his inventive musicianship but also his ability to create a compelling visual narrative.  

The video was directed by David through a collaboration with Cinemasters Media.

On the single David said, “I grew up in the late 90s early 00s, when late night shows like BET After Dark and Taxi Cab confessions were really popular. I was so fascinated with how after a certain hour, TV exposed you to such a different and dark world full of the forbidden and taboo- I think this is the feeling I wanted to replicate within the visual and why it’s so risqué, sexual and somewhat scandalous.” 

“Show Don’t Tell” is an autobiographical track that highlights a difficult period of David’s life. Recovering from the death of a close family member, he found himself going from relationship to relationship, in search of comfort to ease his emptiness. The track is a message to one woman in particular, addressing his struggle to be ready for commitment.


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