Premiere: Melbourne rapper Defron Makes Up For Lost Time By Releasing Introspective Banger 'Sacré Cœur'

Photo Credit: Anders Eyre 2018

Photo Credit: Anders Eyre 2018

Melbourne rapper and writer Defron makes up for lost time by releasing introspective banger 'Sacré Cœur' which we are excited to premiere here on SYS today.

Produced by fellow Melbourne artist and star on the rise Kwasi, with artwork by frequent
collaborator Katie Alexander, Sacré Cœur demonstrates a new direction for underground
lyricist Defron. The promotional single is the second ahead of Defron’s upcoming project
Maybe You’ll Be Famous When You’re Dead, which is entirely produced by Melbourne
newcomer Entelechy and engineered by Benjamin KY at The Cabin.

Sacré Cœur displays a more vulnerable lyrical approach and modern ambience than
Defron’s recent single Reign Cheque. A haunting vocal sample and snapping drums
provides an open but pulsing canvass for Defron to wax poetic on achieving success and
fortune. While Reign Cheque was an uplifting anthem written to inspire, Sacré Cœur is a
calmer and reserved offering from the Melbourne lyricist who also recently delivered a TedX
talk, 'You are the hero and villain of your story'.

“This is a companion piece to Reign Cheque, which is why the artwork is similar” says
Defron. “I had the idea for this song years ago when I saw a photo of supposedly Eddie
Murphy eating a steak and fries off the back of a French model in Sacré Cœur. It’s a song
where I imagine what success of that magnitude feels like, whilst reflecting on how hollow
fame and fortune can really be.”

The promotional single is the second of two ahead of the release of Maybe You’ll Be
Famous When You’re Dead, due late 2018.