DJ Premier returns with a killer new track 'WUT U SAID'


Legendary producer DJ Premier and Brooklyn MC Casanova release their brand new single “WUT U SAID?” that takes us back to NY in the 90s via Payday Records.

Premier comes off recent success with Drake’s platinum album Scorpion on which he produced “Sandra’s Rose” and Casanova with his EP 'Commissary.'

The track is a classic rap record that is a throwback to New York in the 90s. Premier’s raw beats and gritty street sound set the tone for Casanova’s lyrics. The record also marks Premier and Casanova’s first collaboration.

“Making decisions from a DJ/producer/fan perspective is always my approach when I make a new joint for an artist,” said Premier. “Since the Payday deal is a four-single deal, how do you follow the A$AP Ferg record ‘Our Streets’? I love hardcore hip hop so much, which mentally took me into a darker place and I immediately thought of Casanova 2x.” 

“I love ‘Don’t Run’ and ‘Set Trippin’ and saw the impact it has in the clubs,” Premier continued. “I told him that I want to attack the same vibe, but change the tempo into the Preemo tempo. He was there when I made the beat, so he immediately recited the hook to me and I was already sold! I was hoping that he would do his trademark ‘B-B-BOOOM’ which gets me so amped, so when he put this in the song I knew we had a winner!”