Gamirez Switches Things Up With New Single ‘Guarantee’


Having first launched himself onto the national radar in 2017 with his debut single, ‘NaNA’, and continuing his successful run throughout 2018 with ‘U KNXW’, ‘Luv’ and ‘Grinding’, Gamirez is now switching things up and changing lanes with his dark, aggressive new single, ‘Guarantee’.

All about working hard and motivating himself to be better in all that he does, ‘Guarantee’ sees a new side of the Brisbane-via-Perth rapper as an ode to dreaming big and striving to get there. Inspired by a conversation he had with himself on payday when he realised he didn’t have enough cash to fund the lifestyle he was living, Gamirez contemplated the need for a “guaranteed” income and how to get there so he can put his days of living paycheck to paycheck behind him.

“It’s an uplifting song to motivate myself to keep my head up and work towards securing the future I want, dreaming beyond the dead end job I’m currently working,” Gamirez said.

Growing up inspired by the likes of Jay-Z and the level of success he has, Gamirez realised from a young age that he will never stop striving to be better. Born in Uganda to South Sudanese parents, Gamirez said, “I came from a place where life is not promised, I've always strived to achieve more then the average person and this song is a reflection of where I am and where I aspire to be.”