Overcome Insecurities With Geron In Her Intimate Soulful New Track 'TBH'


Contemporary R&B/Soul recording artist Geron releases her new single "TBH" track from her upcoming EP, ‘Tainted.’

Geron showcases her distinctive vocal range with unpredictable harmonic sounds in the engaging R&B track.

‘TBH’ is Geron’s declaration to the world that she has transcended the expectations of others, and that she no longer cares what others say or think of her.

Geron sings openly about her personal life, her songs tend toward the introspective, genuine, and autobiographical. She sings of both the good and the bad, as showcased on ‘TBH’, a song about overcoming. However, she also plays with darker themes, and many of her lyrics have dual meanings and complicated messages. She is an avid songwriter with a variety of different stories to tell.

Margaret TraGeron, RNB, Soul