R&B Songstress Ginette Claudette Stunning Project 'On To Something'


R&B songstress and recording artist Ginette Claudette releases her new project ‘On To Something’.

The record serves as a therapeutic outlet for the single, including eight tracks. It compiles Ginette's highs and lows through a journey of soul-searching and self-reflection, into one comprehensive personal diary that expresses herself not only as an artist, but more importantly, as a woman in the music industry.

"On most of the records, I'm having a conversation with myself. Creating this project has been a very therapeutic journey of self-discovery for me as a woman and an artist. On this new project, I start to peel back many layers on a lot of the things I have been self-conscious about for so long and, until now, have held inside. For the first time I am able to unapologetically say what I want, while disregarding the outside pressures that I have faced for so long. I am excited to share it with the world," says Ginette Claudette on the project.