Gyles Bartle Reveals Evocative Debut EP ‘96’


Hot on the heels of his debut single ‘You’, electronic producer and rapper Gyles Bartle announces his first EP ‘96’. Hailing from Greenwich, South East London, ‘You’showcased the young producer’s sound with influences across the board jumping from downtempo hip hop to trap, all in a genre defying, future-facing way. Over a midnight blue beat, the solitary, dreamlike ‘You’ invites you into Gyles’ late night reflections, reminiscing over the passing of time and lost loves.
At the age of 20, Gyles has already accumulated a considerable following through his production work alone, also releasing music under his production guise Gylzey. His debut release takes him out of his comfort zone to challenge bigger goals as a solo artist.
The five-track ‘96’ immerses itself in this richly evocative, wistful mood, tracks like the expertly produced ‘Gold’ spotlight Gyles’ ability to create subtly textured and resonant soundscapes. ‘Medium’ combines an eerie electronic beat with haunting, faded vocals to striking effect. Speaking about the EP, Gyles Bartle says 96, sticks to me because it was made at a time when I didn't exactly have a clue where I wanted to go with my direction of music. My problems spoke for themselves, and now that I’ve got a clearer vision of my work, it's helped to keep things in tune with each other. This project has opened doors I couldn't of even seen back then. Which is literally crazy, and most definitely the reason to why I'll hold this project close for such a long time”