Manchester Artist HMD Reveals Visuals For HIs Single 'DEEN'


‘DEEN’, Arabic term for faith, is the title of Artist HMD’s (pronounced Hamdi) new single, released today on Black Butter. 

Mixing a gritty beat with a sung-rapped R&B melody, the sentiment of ‘DEEN’ is clear not only in the track, but also in songwriter and producer HMD’s story. 
Born in Mogadishu, Somalia, and raised in Manchester, by way of Denmark, HMD’s experiences and heritage have shaped his perspective on the world, which are grounded in moral quirks that defy his surrounding, living in inner-city Moss Side, Manchester. Born into a clan renowned for its poets and storytellers, genetics go some way in explaining HMD’s lyrical prowess.
Not only focusing on music, he recently curated an immersive exhibition, See My Dunya, in Manchester, which focused on the Somali-British experience.

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