HUNNAH Debuts Captivating 'Show You' EP


Rising Canadian singer/songwriter Hunnah releases her debut ‘Show You’ EP. In celebration, she shares a live performance of her song ‘Show You’ that beautifully showcases her staggering voice.

The independent release is a project of complete love for Hunnah who dedicates it to her mother who recently passed away from cancer and is featured on the artwork.

It's lined with the hypnotic R&B sounds that she grew up on and features her collaboration with Chicano artist Cuco. Equal parts thrilling and harrowing, the project served as a therapeutic vehicle for her to come to terms with her heavy relationship with mother, but also solidifies her as one of tomorrow's most promising voices in music. 

Hunnah was born to two Ethiopian refugee parents who immigrated to Canada and urged her into a life of academics like many immigrants families often do. She began making YouTube covers and gained a loyal following there, and ultimately turned away from academia and trust herself into music against the wishes of her parents. She made this project while she cared for her mother as she fought her illness and simultaneously found her own identity and voice through her music. 

On the single, Hunnah said, "I decided to call this EP 'Show You' because it really encapsulates this project and the kind of vulnerability and honesty that came out while writing it. I'm showing you who am I, what I'm scared of, what I'm bad at and how I'm growing and changing. Three of the songs (In My Dreams, Broken Pieces and Show You) are definitely a direct reflection on loss and grief in dealing with the loss of my mom. But I think there is a thread of exposure and kind of inescapable vulnerability that runs through all the songs and ties the project together as a whole and I hope listeners will be able to hear that."

Margaret TraHunnah, Soul, RNB