Ibibio Sound Machine Share New Single 'Guess We Found a Way'


Ibibio Sound Machine is back with a third taste of their forthcoming new album, Doko Mien--out March 22nd on Merge Records.

The sultry “Guess We Found a Way” follows recent tracks ‘Tell Me (Doko Mien) and ‘Wanna Come Down and is a refreshing change of pace from the more uptempo cuts previously released from Doko Mien, and a further indication of the many moods and influences at play across its 11 tracks.

The band's frontwoman Eno Williams notes, “It’s a song about trying to speak to people in words that no-one understands, conveying your feeling with just the music which is what we try to do in many of our songs.”

It's a modus operandi that fits perfectly with Doko Mien as a whole, a set of songs that preaches openness, communication and inclusivity - qualities to treasure in ever-divisive times.