R&B/Pop act ISA urges us not to be ‘Shy’


ISA, 20-year-old R&B-Pop crossover singer, songwriter, and dancer, is ready to share new single ‘Shy’, taken from the upcoming debut album expected early-2019.

‘Shy’ opens with autumn leaf-crisp production, and exhibits ISA’s expertly executed trademark R&B-Pop infusion. The pre-chorus sets a platform for the vocalist to parade her tonal versatility, while the breakdown on the chorus demonstrates quintessential Charli XCX-esque vibes, though ISA maintains her own timbre. The now self-releasing artist demonstrates her freedom on this personal, liberating track. ISA explains the premise of the track below.

“Shy is a call to dare those afraid on acting on their suppressed impulses,  emotions, and ambitions to go through with them; to embrace them. This year, for me, has been all about being “shy” – I left the security of Sony Music and started my own label, and can now make music which is 100% me. I’m lucky enough to have an insurmountable level of support from those close to me and not everyone has that same privilege, but I wanted this track to personify that support and encourage those in need of a little courage to fight those fears preventing them  from living to their truest,  fullest potential.”

Margaret TraISA, R&B, RNB, Pop