Jareth Releases A Colourful New Single ‘Bit By Bit’ Saltwives Remix

Jareth Press Image (low-res).jpg

London-based Jareth unveiled her new single, ‘Bit By Bit’, earlier this year and has now returned with a remix from rising production duo Saltwives.

In high demand after their flawless track record writing and producing for Iggy Azalea, Nicki Minaj and Ellie Goulding, amongst others, Saltwives contributed 7 tracks to ZAYN’s worldwide number one debut album as well as penning the platinum selling (476 million Spotify streams) ‘Dusk Till Dawn’, featuring Sia.

‘Bit By Bit’ tells a personal story of having to put ‘yourself back together again in the dark after being broken in the light’, and Saltwives have given Jareth’s blissful soul a slick, electronic makeover.

With her expressive vocal at the core of the remix, waves of synthesiser crash over staccato beats as the ballad takes on a newfound energy. ’Bit By Bit’ is undoubtedly a standout from the forthcoming EP in its original form, but with the unstoppable force that Saltwives bring to the table, this remix will go a long way to spreading news of her unique talent.

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