Johnny Burgos Flirts With Temptation in Soulful Single 'Creepin'


NYC-based vocalist and independent recording artist Johnny Burgos lays it down low on his sultry new music video for his smooth R&B single ‘Creepin.’

Steeped in 90s R&B feels and pure honesty, ‘Creepin’ is soulful, melodic, and dreamy. Both the video and song explore Burgos’ personal struggles with the universal issue of infidelity. Surrounded by temptation, Burgos must decide whether to remain faithful to his lover or give into seduction. The video, featuring beautiful and sensual choreography was shot on location at NYC supper club and hotspot Duane Park and showcases some of the city’s most talented burlesque, circus performers, and aerialists. Burgos’ vision is powerfully brought to life by his longtime NYC collaborator and colleague the talented Max Skaff.

Burgos had this to say in reference to the release of his new music video: “Artistically, I wanted the visuals rich in color while having a classic aesthetic to favour both the novelty of the song and the vintage vibes of the space and burlesque styles. The video loosely tells a story of me giving in to a subtly tempting gesture, to suddenly find myself in a world of temptation that is more than I can handle, which leads me to the realization that I am content with my own relationship and need not look any further. As though what tamed the beast inside was a bigger stronger beast."