Jordan Max Shines A Light on the State of the World with his new Single 'War'


Rising British artist Jordan Max has debuted his brand new single “War” shining a light on the state of the world today.

“War” illuminates the nuances of Jordan Max’s signature style. Menacing and majestic minor piano keys resound against tough production as his vocals oscillate from a haunting croon to an angelic falsetto.

From the opening line, “Do you choose to speak or do you just stay quiet?” onwards, Jordan Max implores listeners to take a look at how they face the issues of the world.

Speaking on “War”, Jordan elaborates "It’s got some weight behind it. It asks, ‘Do you stand for what’s right or do you let it live?’ Everyone’s got a responsibility to check things they don’t agree with. It’s the state of the world. I’m being honest when I say I don’t want to lose any more people."