Sydney MC J.P Releases An Empowering New Single ‘Over’


Emerging South West Sydney rapper J.P releases an empowering new single ‘Over’ featuring Monique Simone, a single which tackles overcoming heart-break.

J.P’s lyricism can be described as combining slick metaphors with a personal backstory. ’Over’ is no exception, it’s a single that was influenced from ups and downs with someone J.P thought he could have had a future with. It’s a mixture of the feeling you get of putting in effort and getting mixed messages back.  

Along the way J.P came to a point of understanding if you have to try too hard for a relationship and if it doesn’t come naturally from both ends then its time to move on. 

On the single, J.P said, “It’s about that motivated feeling that you’re fresh and ready to focus on you,”

“I just want people to feel empowered that if you’re going through a hard time in anything, whether its relationships or any type of loss, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Focus on what you can control and time will take care of the rest,”

Experimenting with styles, sounds and delivery, J.P’s flow is undeniably versatile. He’s influenced by the likes of T.I., Drake, Jay-z and Kanye West. He mixes intelligent lyricism with melody to engage in versatility to his core fan base, and the evolving sounds of hip hop music. Part of the fresh new wave of hip hop, J.P will be releasing his EP titled ‘Over’ slated for release next year. 

Margaret TraJ.P, Hip hop, Rap