JT Soul Returns With Break-Up Tune 'notyouraveragelovesong'


Coming off a busy year and a huge wave of singles, JT Soul continues pushing his refreshing new sound with “notyouraveragelovesong”.

Though you wouldn’t expect it, the 19 year old manages to take it to the roots of hip-hop for some jazz style vocals and chords, bringing his own twist to a James Brown type breakup song.

The visual direction comes courtesy of Xavier Cantin-Lemieux of La Maison Baldman and shot with a Red Raven camera.

The video depicts JT prepping for a “big show” as he argues with his girlfriend, only to realize that he’s simply at the karaoke bar she works at, drunkenly singing his grievances towards her until she finally kicks him out. Watch the music video by clicking the link below.

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