Kamaliza Drops Tranquil R&B Masterpiece 'Agua'


Fresh off the high of his latest hit release ‘Endless,’ the Australian R&B artist has done it again with his newest single ‘Agua,’ the second single off his new five-track EP, Time.

Co-produced by Fossa Beats, and comprised of experimental synth production, ‘Agua’ is a tranquil R&B masterpiece. Describing this track as having a “fiercely independent energy,” Kamaliza uses his hypnotic vocals and relatively resonating lyrics to prove it.

Introducing themes of inclusion and rejection into the lyrics of his Time EP, he composes the accompaniment of melodies and harmonies that “represent the duality that we face as humans in everyday life.”

Furthering to capture the theme, songs like ‘Wave’ and his latest single, ‘Endless,’ have an effortless, dulcet vibe, while tracks like ‘Curlewis’ and ‘Time’ has a complexity of rhythmic tones. ‘Agua’ is a perfect glimpse of what the album has to offer, having a harmonious flow of lyrics while incorporating both soulful and edgy sounds.

With his Time EP and single ‘Agua’ set to release in summer’s end, fans won’t need to wait long to feast upon the fresh, innovative musicality which define Kamaliza as an artist.

Margaret TraKamaliza, RNB, R&B