KNOE Keeps It Real With His New Hip Hop Single ‘Juice’ Off Upcoming ‘Reasons’ EP


Driven by the liberating realisations of his own artistic journey, Perth rapper KNOE releases ‘Juice’, a hip-hop track enriched with soul vibes and humbling lyrics from his upcoming ‘Reasons’ EP.

Influenced by a rough day, a pack of cigarettes and a few bottles of wine, ‘Juice’ is about staying true to your moral compass and never changing who you are to appease others. The song explores the enigmatic struggle of being an artist in the modern day and our fixation on success that consequently distorts the reasons for creating.

KNOE says, “There was a point in time where I thought that making music was a useless dream because I wasn’t as successful as others, and it was a long journey of ups and downs before I truly started creating for the right reasons, Again.”

Written as an ode to the juice of his inspiration, KNOE says that “No matter how big or small your contribution is in the wonderful world of music, it’s nice to take a step back and remember that creating anything is a blessing.”

The track features the delicate vocals of Sensible Boys Club lead singer Paloma backed by gentle New York style melodies, forming a warm and captivating sound that serves as the perfect platter for KNOE’s relishing rhymes.

After working with Grammy Award winning producer !llmind, KNOE has been building his unique sound whilst increasingly becoming a notable artist in Australia’s music scene. His catalogue of features include tracks with Skyzoo, Torae, and Perth’s own Drapht. He’s also supported the likes of Action Bronson, David Dallas, Remi, and Spit Syndicate.

KNOE’s his forthcoming ‘Reasons’ EP is slated for release in August, where you can expect to hear more of his clever balance of warm rhythmic flows and aggressive bars.