Lemzi Is Tackling Social Issues With New Album 'Leki'


Abandoning his plans to become a lawyer after his degree in law and criminology, Lemzi may seem like an unlikely hip-hop talent.

Yet his latest album Leki demonstrates that the two paths needn’t be diametrically opposed. In his upcoming album, ’Leki’ he draws upon his academic background to reflect upon a range of social issues and other thought-provoking topics (Brexit, knife crime, gang violence to name a few) in an attempt to galvanise today’s youth.

Using the power of music, he takes aim at stereotypes attached to race, postcode and environment, as well as those associated with musical genres that have been maligned by the mainstream press—rap, trap, drill—highlighting the dangers of prejudice and bias. Lemzi’s music is ultra-slick but at the same time introspective and reflective, echoing socially-conscious rappers such as Akala and Stormzy.

Leki is a rap album with a conscience. 

Margaret TraLemzi, Rapper, Hip hop