Lennixx Ooze Cool With Slinky R&B On New Track ‘Bad Bird’


Having blown us away with debut single ‘Always On My Mind’ as Hanna & Andrea, , Hanna Larsson and Andrea Kallström continue their stellar work under the moniker lennixx.

Their untapped maturity shone through last year’s Sunny-days-in-Stockholm tones of debut mixtape ‘hapap’.

The two-piece progressively peg an early-noughties R&B slink with their own crystalline contemporary margins of sound, making for something familiar and nostalgic, yet utterly fresh. Two years since their debut, Hanna and Andrea; 19 and 21, have by no means reached their peak, but have presented to us an innovative diptych of Stockholm’s urban aesthetic to a tired Scandi-pop scene.

New track ‘Bad Bird’ thrives on a soulful groove that never falls flat. The opening modulating synths and subtle crackle of vinyl are the ideal complement to Larsson and Kallström’s raspy, soulful voices and minimalist R&B beats. Restrained bass dishes out the perfect amount of weight to accentuate the chorus as lennixx transition into silky falsetto with ease and style. The track spares us a conventional build, instead snaking through a narrative of romantic disappointment.

Here’s what lennixx had to say about the track: “‘Bad Bird’ is about a toxic relationship that has come to an end, when the person in question tries to ruin things for you, because they are overwhelmed by bitterness. Instead of dealing with it in a healthy way, they just try to turn everyone against you and make up dishonest rumours and talk badly about you. In the song, we reply with “I have my real friends who will always have my back, and I couldn’t care less what you have to say about me”.

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