Marks Releases Captivating Beat-Tape 'Crush'

mark crush.jpg

Following the release of his bewitching debut EP, ‘Drain’, back in June 2017, young Miami producer Marks is back with first full-length beat-tape, ‘Crush’.

Comprised of 10 tracks that blend the joyous and sickly-sweet with the totally dystopian, ‘Crush’ spotlights Marks’ maturing, idiosyncratic sound, drawing from the rap beats of his home city, but also zeroing in on its own, gloomy, flickering aesthetic – a facet of his beat-making that first caught Coyote’s attention back in 2015.

Written during the course of hurricane season in Florida, Marks’ describes ‘Crush’ as a “giant feelings dump” that traverses the sensory overload and mind-zapping chaos of 21st century America. Inspired by a deep-rooted love of RPGs and anime, as well as the music of Coyote label mates like Spokes and VIO_L3T, Marks’ work on ‘Crush’ binds his feelings together on a tape that holds up a mirror to our modern lives.

His grip on melody is a running thread throughout the album, but there are frequent changes in mood, tempo and style. From the icy day-glow of opener ‘Cold Monday’ to the rasping trap heat of ‘POP’ and whirring, drum & bass curveball ‘Post Human’, Marks takes his own composition further than ever before across a record fizzing with mysterious and quietly rebellious energy.

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