Premiere: Marky D Drops Debut Party Single 'Zombie'

Marky D - Press Photo 1.jpg

With a clean vocal production and tight beats, Marky D delivers a killer debut party starting single ‘Zombie’ which we are excited to premiere today on SYS.

Behind the slick production, the lyrics have a deeper meaning, speaking on the effects of drugs as a getaway from the world. Once on the drugs, we’re all acting as Zombies, carrying through the day but not present.

On the single, Marky D said, "“I created this song from an experience & a vibe from a Hollywood party , definitely one of my favourite songs because of the mood it presents!”

“I remember free-styling in the booth and came up with this! I want people to be in a trance listening to it.”

Marcus Derrick Hunt, better known as Marky D was born right before the golden era of hip-hop. Growing up in Whittier, CA, just outside of Los Angeles, his taste in music is a mixture of various genres ranging from classic oldies to modern day hip-hop.

After the passing of his cousin who had a strong influence on him, Marky D put all his efforts into his music; expressing his emotions and keeping his cousin alive. To this day his cousin is the driving force behind its music.

Purchase it here.


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