MARLENÀ Taylor Gets Emotive with her Debut Single 'WATS LUV'


Hailing from Birmingham, 23 year-old poet/rapper/humanitarian Marlenà Taylor has released an emotive debut single 'Wats Luv'.

Marlenàdraws on the power of story-telling and poetry through hip hop, and channels these forces to create a refreshing and personal take on the genre. 

Earlier this year Marlená took a leap of faith by stepping into a recording studio for the first time, and acting upon her burning passion for music she recorded her debut single ‘Wats Luv’.

Featuring a vocal hook reminiscent of 90s RnB era from vocalist Dee’John, Wats Luv showcases her honest approach to music making and depicts the ups and downs of the relationship in question. She explains:

“Wats Luv is a very personal song after I decided to call it quits. I feel as women, we tolerate a lot but at the end of it all every women have their breaking points and Wats Luv was my breaking point”

Bridging the gap between poetry and hip hop, Marlenà priorities artistic integrity over anything else and looks to use her voice to fearlessly inspire and motivate the next generation, explaining:

“Having the freedom of self expression and being able to connect with people through stories is powerful - I don’t want to make music for the moment - I feel it’s my responsibility to not conform to the demands of the world, but to the demands of the people. I feel like my mission on earth is to create music with a message”