Hip Hop Oddity Matt Xander Evolves In New Single ‘Dance, Monkey, Dance!’

matt xander.jpg

Hailing from Sydney, Hip Hop oddity Matt Xander evolves in new single ‘Dance, Monkey, Dance!’. 

Xander’s new single is a fusion of hip hop and rock, describing it as glam-hop, a track backed by a raucous medieval music video. 

Produced by Forces and Fury, ‘Dance, Monkey, Dance!’ shines a light on tyranny, giving hope towards a fight back in this funk-laden track. 

On the single Xander said, “This song is a necessary statement against those taking advantage of others for their own gain. It's like my mum always said, if you can't say something nice about someone, they're probably a total jerk,” 

“It makes me want to dance, mosh and goof around like an idiot so playing a jester in the film clip was the perfect fit. I'm hoping to see a lot of limbs thrown around when I play it live,” 

The story-telling single is backed by a captivating music video showcasing Xander in a medieval themed revolt against an autocratic monarchy, directed by creative visionary Sarah Maxwell. 

Whether your go-to move is the robot, the foxtrot or walking like an Egyptian, put on your fancy pants and ‘Dance, Monkey, Dance!’

No stranger to being controversial, Xander brings a new wave of energy that revitalises hip hop. He’s a rapper in his own league, effortlessly combining lyrical story-telling with comedy and a touch of visual theatrics.