MH The Verb Empowers Women With New Video For For 'Over & Done'


‘Over & Done,’ a standout from MH the Verb's stellar 2017 Afronaut  project, serves as an anthem of self-pride. Apropos to National Women's Month, the song's Bob Sweeney-directed music video champions two Philly-based female artists of colour who are succeeding and advancing in their respective male-dominated fields.

The two artists are Glass artist Kim Thomas and flow artist/fire dancer Alicia Talia, the video takes an inside look at their creative processes, while they talk about their experience as women in their fields.  

MH now serves as lead member of multi-media art collective known as ArtHouse95. The Philly-based group creates thoughtful and progressive art experiences, curated by MH The VerbGR Stone (keyboardist/songwriter), and Cylon (audio engineer) through collaborative events, art, and various fusions of soul music.

Extended ArtHouse members span the length of I-95 along the east coast, hence the name ArtHouse95. MH continues to work with organizations to empower young people through art, and is currently gearing up to release new installments of the Afronaut saga.