Mic Audio X Tishan Link up for a Hip hop/Jazzy EP "Symposium"


A few years ago two crews from opposite sides of the planet (Stereo Crew (Detroit, U.S.) and Soul Daad (Amsterdam, Netherlands), joined forces to create an international project ("Amstertroit") which proves music is a universal language.

This time, members Mic Audio (Former Stereo Crew, now Blxck Rxyxlty Ent.) and Tishan (Soul Daad), put their heads together to bring us their fierce, yet, very elegant musical debate; "Symposium".

Even though the two never met in person and were bound to sharing ideas through internet connection.

Mic Audio's razorsharp and witty lyrics are often very humorous, although with a serious undertone and deeper layers. Which matches perfectly with the smooth and jazzy sound over the thumping drums of Tishan's productions.

The musical connection between the two never sleeps and keeps on going. It's about finding similarities in opposites and duality in mankind.