Milan Ring connects the dots with her new single 'Obscured'

milan ring obscured.jpg

Our Sydney Electro Soul-Pop mix R&B queen Milan Ring returns with her latest offering “Obscured”.

Milan, who carries credits and sessions with the likes of D.R.A.M., SZA, and frequent Chance the Rapper collaborators The Social Experiment, will release “Obscured” as her third single drop, in an extensive line of mood-based tracks being released this year.

Her soulful beats, smoothed out into rhythmic flows are ones you can assuredly submerse yourself into. Produced and released independently through Milan’s label, MXMAY.

On the single Milan notes, “This song is dedicated to my Father & Grandmother and all people who have experienced any kind of disconnection, abandonment, or displacement in their lives,"

"My father grew up without his mother, by the sea in a little fishing village in Hong Kong. Left in the care of his father who was a troubled alcoholic, his upbringing was anything but easy - he worked constantly and under extremely dangerous and difficult conditions,"

"Never faltering, my Father’s intelligence and strength pushed him forward to pursue his own greatness. Decades later, after moving to Australia and as an adult with two young children, my father found his mother. At the age of 3, I travelled with him to San Francisco for their reintroduction,"

OBSCURED speaks of that journey from shore to shore, from a lifetime of disconnection to new beginnings.