Missy Elliot Drops New Surprise Album 'Iconology' And Visuals For 'Throw It Back'


The Queen Missy Elliot is never one to mess with, and when she says she’s got something new, well she means it. Her new album ‘Iconology’ is one for the books.

If that’s not enough, she even blessed us with colourful visuals for her video ‘Throw It Back’. It’s hard to even believe that Missy’s first album was 14-years ago, for the ones who remember know that those were the days of real hip hop.

Her reasoning for dropping ‘Throw It Back’ is simple, she just wants everyone to remember what music used to do and make us get up and dance, and it’s hard not to.

The whole album was produced by Elliott, Timbaland and Wili Hendrix.