Sydney MC Morus Tackles Mental Illness With New Single ‘Another Day Another Dollar’

Morus 3.jpg

Set to make a stealthy ascent into 2019 Sydney MC Morus has returned with a new single ‘Another Day Another Dollar’ ahead of his ‘Dream Time’ EP release.

Pulsating through the instrumental with dizzyingly punchy flows, Morus new single is a glimpse back in time to a very crucial point in his life. The song itself details the shift in attitude from self doubt, anxiety and depression to standing back up with confidence and faith. 

On the single, Morus said, “If you truely feel in your heart it is your purpose and calling you should never give up, build on the small wins and eventually you will be living the dream that was once only in your mind,”

“I also hope people who are suffering from any mental illness can find solace in that they aren’t alone and to become well again isn’t an impossible task either, although it can feel like it," he said.

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