MUNCH! Announces His Brand New EP Entitled ‘The World Around Me’


Detroit rapper MUNCH! has announced his brand new EP entitled ‘The World Around Me’.

In the time since his latest release ‘Beaches’, Munch has had the opportunity to travel to a wide array of destinations across the world, being immersed in environments as varied as Lebanon and Beirut, all the way to South America and beyond.

All of this inspired Munch to push the boundaries of his artistic potential, in order to create a project that enriched his sonic palette and expanded his creative versatility.

The project finds the emcee engaging with fresh sounds, experimenting with new musical styles, and overall progressing beyond his roots in boom bap and hip hop that began to establish in 2012 with his first project, ‘The New Kid.’

While his past work has been driven by good times and lively releases, this project keeps the same uplifting vibes while also bringing a level of innovation to his already solid sound, incorporating live instrumentation and blending genres in a way that suits his intended impact.

With ‘The World Around Me,’ Munch hopes to show his fans a new side of his artistic development, challenging their assumptions and introducing them to unique approaches to expressing his relentless positivity. He hopes that fans will continue to grow with him as he forges a path for himself in today’s landscape, with familiar elements of popular music mixed with more unique approaches that mirror and expand on innovators in the industry.

By incorporating new ways of using his voice, both melodically and lyrically, as well as production from some of Detroit’s finest local talents (Dayggs, Jonah Baseball, and nuntheless) and artists from LA, Canada, and the UK, The World Around Me signifies a step towards Munch’s musical future.