Nardean Shines a Golden Light on the Objectification of Women in New Video ‘Pyramids’


 Natural storyteller Nardean returns with captivating visuals for her single Pyramids. Taken off her debut EP, Creatress, this track explores the theme that as women, we told that our worth extends only as far as our desirability.

Speaking on the writing process, Nardean said, “My friend Alice Night sung the chorus to me in a dream, and I wrote the first verse as a poem, in a strip club while I was waiting for my shift to start.”

Opening with a strong statement of intent, the video is filled with strong symbolism, as she paints herself gold to represent how our bodies have become commodities. 

Nardean goes on to explain, “All the warped images of sexuality we are bombarded with skew our perception of ourselves, and we end up being trapped in gold bodies that we thought we wanted, but actually don’t.”