New York-Based R&B Powerhouse NIK Drops 'O.D'


New York-based R&B powerhouse, dancer and fashionista Nik Hartfield, released the music video for her song, “O.D.”.

The track is a mix of electro-soul inspired by more traditional R&B with a small taste of Trap/Hip-hop.

The playful video portrays Nik having a good time with her girls and follows her as she enchants the male lead and then leaves him wanting more. Nik said her character, “gives him a little attention and he becomes hooked on trying to see her, not realising that this leads to him to “overdosing” on his attraction for her.”

The video is a commentary on the idea that women aren’t always needy and can be independent. Nik has the control in this relationship, and she isn’t letting it go. The entertaining quality of the video keeps the audience wanting to watch the story unfold. The track attempts to reverse the gender stereotype of women getting too “emotional and clingy” in relationships, telling the story of Nik’s experience of a man getting too attached.

The videography and editing was done by Eddie Merino and Nik. The male lead, Julian Dardan, also helped with the choreography of the video. The track itself was written by Nik along with Scott (Radio) Berger-Felder (Rick Ross, Jennifer Hudson), and Stuart (Mookie) Sanders from Mookamilli Ent./The White Guys. Nik was very hands-on with the video as she was also responsible for the wardrobe styling and creative direction.

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